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Pennsylvania Supreme Court deals another blow to Trump's lawsuits challenging the election

Trump pushes false election claims amid legal defeats
Trump pushes false election claims amid legal... 02:19

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that Republican observers in Philadelphia were given proper access under state law to view vote counting. It's the latest in a string of legal defeats for President Trump, who has launched a last-ditch effort to challenge the results in states he's lost.

In the three times he's spoken publicly since Election Day, Mr. Trump has offered a string of falsehoods about the elections — including "This is a major fraud on our nation" and "If you count the legal votes I easily win." His more than 400 tweets over the last two weeks are mostly false claims of fraud or that he won an election he clearly lost.

More than a dozen lawsuits brought by Mr. Trump's campaign or by sympathetic Republicans alleging election irregularities or worse have been unsuccessful.

"Every single legal vote that has been cast and reported has been upheld by the courts in every single piece of litigation nationwide so far," said CBS News election expert David Becker.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court's ruling dealt the campaign another blow. When the president's legal team withdrew from another pending case in the state, Rudy Giuliani stepped in.

Days before he was hired by the Trump campaign, attorney Mark Saringi said that "At the end of the day, in my view, the litigation will not work. It will not reverse this election."

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