Pelosi, Boehner and More: Where Lawmakers Put Their Money

Last Updated Jun 20, 2011 2:51 PM EDT

While Congress spent the past week embroiled in fallout from Representative Anthony Weiner's indecent disclosures, yesterday every member had to pony up their own personal disclosure. Financial that is. An annual rite on Capitol Hill is the release of each member's assets and liabilities, excluding their home.

The filing deadline for the 2010 calendar year was May 15 and the documents were released yesterday. The House of Representatives fully embraces the exercise, making all House financial disclosure documents immediately downloadable online. The Senate clearly didn't get that transparency memo; it offers up only paper copies of the filings. What follows is a spin through the filings of some House leaders. I'll follow up soon with a companion post looking at Senate leaders....once everything is scanned for easier consumption.

A review of the financial disclosure forms filed by four of the House of Representative's major power players unearthed some interesting nuggets. While the 2010 financial disclosure President Obama and the First Lady released earlier this spring showed the First Couple steering clear of any direct investment in stocks, Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi aren't shy about owning individual stocks. Boehner is an extremely active investor, making more than 100 trades last year. Pelosi and her husband took a major bath on 2010 sales of some Silicon Valley investments. Yet they also made a killing on one as well. Paul Ryan is big on limited partnerships -- and paying for his kids' college educations. And Barney Frank clearly thinks Meredith Whitney is way off base.

Once Michelle Bachmann gets around to filing her 2010 financial disclosure -- she was one of 76 representatives and 20 senators to request an extension -- I'll take a spin through her filing along with Ron Paul, the other current member of Congress vying for the 2012 Republican nomination for President. And just for the record, Anthony Weiner's financial disclosure was a lot tamer than his other sharing. He listed about two dozen individual stock holdings, ranging from Hewlett-Packard to LiveNation.

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