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Paul Ryan says he'll seek changes to GOP health care bill to help older people

Trump's healthcare deal

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul Ryan said Sunday that he will seek changes to a divisive GOP health care bill to provide more help to older people hard hit by the plan.

A Congressional Budget Office analysis last week concluded that older people would likely pay higher premiums under the proposal to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s health care law.

Paul Ryan and Trump's team work on health bill amid growing skepticism

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Ryan said he believes the CBO analysis is not accurate but agreed that people in their 50s and 60s experience higher health care costs. As a result, he said there will be some “fine-tuning improvements” to the law that will help assuage some members’ “concerns.”

The Wisconsin Republican says “we believe we should offer more assistance than what the bill currently does” and that it’s one of several possible revisions to help round up enough House votes for the bill.

A House vote on the plan is scheduled for Thursday.

Despite the tweaks Ryan said the bill needs, he added that he feels “very good” about the legislation’s progress and where things currently stand.

“I feel very good about it, actually, I feel like it’s exactly where we want to be,” Ryan said, noting that President Donald Trump is a “great closer” who has helped to bring other Republicans on board.

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