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Paul Ryan releases national security plan

A national security plan for Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans' "A Better Way" campaign was revealed Thursday.

Ryan promoted the plan in his opening remarks at a Council on Foreign Relations event featuring speakers such as Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, and Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

He called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech to US Congress on Wednesday a rarity in a time when "our friendships have frayed, our rivalries have intensified."

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The four-step plan on the campaign's website includes points such as "defeat the terrorists," "protect the homeland," "tackle new threats" and "defend freedom."

"The Obama administration has experimented with a new foreign policy concept ­- leading from behind - that can now be declared an unambiguous failure," an introduction statement bashing the president on the webpage reads.

A 3-page PDF snapshot can be accessed with additional details of the plan as well as a longer 25-page full report near the bottom of the webpage.

Another statement in the introduction of the longer report says, "Our enemies no longer fear us and our allies no longer trust us."

"A Better Way" emphasizes bolstering technology systems to combat an increasing number of cyber threats, returning military funding back above pre-9/11 levels, continuing to promote free enterprise abroad and winning a battle of ideas against "radical Islamic extremism" in the Middle East.

On the issue of immigration, a talking point that calls on the country to "accelerate the deployment of fencing, technology, air assets, and personnel at the border" vaguely aligns with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's calls for a wall on the southern border.

Monday, the "A Better Way" campaign website was launched, and Tuesday, a detailed plan for poverty in America was released. Four more plans for issues ranging from the constitution to tax reform are expected this month.

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