Paul Ryan is not worried about a possible government shutdown

House Speaker Paul Ryan talks to "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson about the end of the fiscal year and the likelihood of a government shutdown

House Speaker Paul Ryan is not worried about a possible government shutdown as the fiscal year comes to an end. In an interview for Face the Nation, Ryan told moderator John Dickerson “this is just the typical drama.”

“I know you may be shocked to learn this, but the Democrats and the Senate are monkeying things up.” The Speaker said. “We could have done this this week. But they’re stretching this thing out with a bunch of things they do procedurally, to draw us out for another week.”

Much of the holdup is due to funding for Flint, Michigan.  Many Democrats and members of the Senate believe funding should be included in the appropriation bill to address the water crisis.  Dickerson asked Ryan if he agreed with the members across the aisle.

Paul Ryan on Congress during its lame duck session

“Flint has gotten some emergency spending. But there are a lot of cities that have lead pipes.” Ryan classified the crisis in Flint as being a local problem saying states with lead pipes are “not federal issues.”

Ryan insisted the debate be taken out of the appropriations arena saying the issue belongs in different legislation.

“These water issues, should belong in a different legislation, the water resources bill which is what we’re moving through Congress simultaneously.” Ryan said. “So there’s a place to have that debate. And we shouldn’t use that issue to prevent government funding.”

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