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Patagonia stops buying wool due to mistreated lambs

Four days ago, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released video showing mistreatment of lambs and sheep on Argentine farms that supply wool to Patagonia. Now, the California-based clothing company has apologized for its role in the abuse and said it will not longer buy the material until it can source it humanely.

On Friday, PETA released disturbing video evidence of cruelty on farms that are part of the Ovis XXI network in Argentina -- a wool supplier to Patagonia. The video showed workers kneeling on conscious lambs and sawing through the animals' necks with their knives.

"Rebuilding our wool program -- with a partner that can ensure a strong and consistent approach to animal welfare, while also fostering healthy grasslands -- will be a significant challenge," Rose Marcario, Patagonia's CEO, said Monday in a statement. "We will continue to sell products made from the wool we've already purchased. But Patagonia will not buy wool again until we can assure our customers of a verifiable process that ensures the humane treatment of animals."

PETA praised the move, while expressing its view that Patagonia should find other material for its products.

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