Passage: Leon Redbone and Claus von Bülow


Leon Redbone and Claus von Bülow.

CBS News

It happened this past week - word of the passing of two men as different as different can be.

Singer-guitarist Leon Redbone died Thursday in Pennsylvania.

With his gravelly voice and a Panama hat, Redbone sang an eclectic mix of songs, everything from Mississippi Delta Blues, to ragtime, to jazz.

Leon Redbone performs "My Walking Stick":

Leon Redbone- My Walkin Stick by Leon Redbone Tribute Channel on YouTube

Leon Redbone performs "Shine On Harvest Moon":


He recorded 16 albums in all before retiring in 2015 because of ill health.

Leon Redbone was 69. A documentary about him released last year was called, "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone."

Claus von Bülow made headlines in the 1980s as the defendant in a pair of sensational trials, Danish-born and a New York and Newport socialite, von Bülow was charged with attempting to kill his wife Martha (nicknamed Sunny) by injecting her with insulin. Convicted in his first trial, he successfully appealed, and won acquittal in his second trial.

Sunny von Bülow died in 2008 after spending decades in an irreversible coma.

Claus von Bülow died last weekend at home in London. He was 92.

Story produced by Charis Satchell.