Parker Griffith, Party-Switcher, Attacks "Radical" Obama Agenda

Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith, who switched from the Democratic to Republican Party in December, is out with his first advertisement since making the switch, and he doesn't have a lot of good things to say about his old party.

"I went to Congress to represent you and the conservative values we share, but the radical Obama-Pelosi liberal agenda has gone too far," Griffith says in the spot, which was obtained by Politico and can be viewed at left. "It threatens the future of our children and grandchildren."

"Massive new spending, tax increases, bailouts, a bad health care bill -- I fought against all of it," he continues. "I'm a Republican because that's the best way I can fight for our conservative principles and oppose this dangerous liberal agenda."

The spot has reportedly been airing in the Huntsville market for two weeks, where it was paired with a radio ad playing up Griffith's support for gun rights, opposition to abortion and Christian credentials.

A Howard Dean supporter before his party switch, the freshman representative is facing a pair of serious Republican primary challengers in his reelection effort.