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Coroner reveals cause of death of zoo's tiger keeper

MIAMI -- A medical examiner says a South Florida zookeeper died from a neck injury after beingattacked by a Malayan tiger.

An undated photo shows Stacey Konwiser and her husband, Jeremy. Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Beach County Medical Examiner Michael Bell told local media outlets Wednesday about 37-year-old Stacey Konwiser's fatal neck injury but wouldn't say whether the veteran Palm Beach Zoo worker was bitten or clawed. An autopsy report hasn't been made public.

Officials say Konwiser was killed Friday when a 13-year-old male tiger attacked her in an enclosure known as the night house, where tigers sleep and are fed. The tiger was tranquilized and has since recovered. The zoo was closed over the weekend and reopened Monday.

Authorities from several local, state and federal agencies continue investigating what led to Friday's deadly attack.

On Tuesday, zoo officials said they do not blame the tiger for the attack, and plan on letting it live. The male Malayan tiger is one of only 250 known members of its species in the world.

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