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Painful lesson on the difference between major electrical currents (AC and DC)

(CBS News) When we last checked in on Mehdi Sadaghdarhe was demonstrating "Capacitors" and in quite a bit of pain. Come to think of it, the time before that, when he was demonstrating "Electrostatic Discharge" to us, he was also in a lot of pain. I wonder what might happen in his latest video above demonstrating the difference between the two major types of electrical currents? Another lesson you will never forget should "spark" your interest at about 1:10.

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you guessed he'd be in a whole lot of pain all over again. And now that every single one of you has patted yourself on the back, Mehdi Sadaghdar writes about his latest, painful lesson in electricity (that no one should ever try at home!):
Have you always wondered if you electrocuted yourself, which type of electricity would hurt more: AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current)? Wait no more!
A big triple-rainbow salute of electrifying education goes out to Mehdi from all of us here at The Feed for continuing to put himself through such pain for our ongoing education! And to check out more amusing lessons in science that you will never forget, you can see our previous posts on Mehdi Sadaghdar by clicking here or you can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.
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