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paidContent - Twitter Report Card: Felicia Day

This story was written by Tameka Kee.
Whether you like it or not, Twitter is changing the way people communicate, and digital media and technology companies are eager to harness this new tool. Every week, well look at a different Twitterer from the media, entertainment or technology world to see how adept he or she is with this emerging medium.

Name: Felicia Day
Affiliation: Producer/star of the web series The Guild; former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress
Following/follower ratio: Follows just 111 peoplehas over a million followers.
Average number of tweets per day: About 8.

Is there a real, public conversation? Yes. More than half of the tweets Day sends on a daily basis are replies to her followers—even though she’s following less than one percent of them. Day mostly follows fellow actors (like Buffy alum Tom Lenk) or game-industry types (like Xbox’s Major Nelson), but there’s an ongoing dialogue of links, responses and “retweets” with fans of her award-winning web series The Guild.

Our assessment: Follow Day if you want the real scoop on the amount of hard work that goes into developing and promoting a web series. You’ll get the gaming geek tweets about her World of Warcraft progress, and the giddy tweets (and Flickr shots) about meeting Disney booth babes at Comic-Con—but also the raw updates about being so exhausted that a glitchy Microsoft Word project made her cry.

The grade: Day gets a B+.


By Tameka Kee
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