paidContent - paidContent Quick Hits on Labor Day: 9.7.09

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
»  Reed wants to revive Variety and two other main brands. You think? [Independent]

» Online book footnotes as an ancillary business for publishers/authors? [NYTimes]

»  Univision’s planning its own original online video, nevermind the Televisa stalemate. [AdAge]

»  Peggy Northrop, RD’s editor-in-chief: “All the stories I read about the death of print are in print!” No wonder RD’s in trouble; you’re not reading enough. [AP]

»   Why were Skype’s winning bidders willing to pay so a high price for a company whose very existence could be threatened by this lawsuit? Maybe they know something others don’t. [NYTimes]

»  Gamestop interested in buying Gamefly? Our sources says not true.

»  The average founder of a high-growth company launched his venture at age 40. Take that, you ageist VCs. [Techcrunch]

»  Germans discover online journalism. via @jeffjarvis [Internet-Manifest]

By Rafat Ali