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paidContent - paidContent Quick Hits: 7.27.09

This story was written by Alex Ferreyra.
»  The New York Times has seen its ad revenue drop at a 30% rate. So the ad-to-circ revenue ratio that was 2-to-1, is now at 1-to-1. [Columbia Journalism Review]

»  Disney (NYSE: DIS) is using a secret lab in Austin, Texas, to turn analyzing web ads into a science. [NY Times]

»  AT&T (NYSE: T) has blocked access to the notorious site 4chan’s /b/ messageboard, and some critics are screaming censorship. [Gawker]

»  Is Google’s “cute” cloud-computing monopoly any better or worse than Microsoft’s desktop variety? [AdAge]

»  Ambassador Media Group, which publishes the Yellow Pages, is filing for Chapter 11. This follows bankruptcy filings by two other directories’ publishers, Idearc Media and R.H. Donnelley. [Crain’s]

By Alex Ferreyra

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