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paidContent - paidContent Quick Hits: 7.02.09

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
»  Amazon taps its inner Apple, but Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) could be the one to stop Kindle’s march cold. Great read. [FastCompany]

»  Deconstructing Malcolm Gladwell: “We hate most in others that which we fail to see in ourselves.” Anil, I love you, man. [Anil Dash]

»  MySpace and other such web services not liable for assaults. Could help Craigslist as well. [Reuters]

»  Online video startups raised about $64 million in Q209. Better than most related categories. [Videonuze]

»  Access Intelligence, publisher of Min media industry newsletter, reorgs; lays off 20 people. [Folio]

»  Shock and horror in Twittersphere: followers can be bought. [BBC]

»  MJ’s funeral could be streamed live online. At least on Hulu. [NTV]

»  Facebook’s revenue breakdown: an informed guesstimate [SAI]

By Rafat Ali

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