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paidContent - Memo Details Who's Who In Armstrong's AOL: Includes Partoll, COO, Cahall, CTO; Nelson, Asia-Pacific

This story was written by Staci D. Kramer.
For all of the leaking from AOL (NYSE: TWX), a considerable amount of info has stayed tight, including the full details of Tim Armstrong’s leadership team. paidContent has obtained Armstrong’s June 19 memo that lays it all out, including the promotion of Kim Partoll to COO from EVP, access, business intelligence & new ventures, and Ted Cahall to CTO from president, products & technologies. Partoll keeps access and business intelligence, adding business development, consumer and brand marketing, mobile and global. Those last two are ingredients that are supposed to be included in everything AOL does from here out, hence the reason for putting them in operations instead as separate businesses in the content and revenue area.

Biggest slots still open: global head of communications (overseeing the AIM/ICQ, e-mail and SMS services), head of European operations, and CFO, replacing departing Nisha Kumar. Also, John Kannapell is listed as “acting head” of Local and Mapping. Jon Brod’s role as head of AOL Ventures is outlined here.

Going global: The memo stresses the need for AOL to think and act globally. Part of Partoll’s COO portfolio calls for heading a Global Operating Council; that group includes Phil Nelson, the new head of Asia-Pacific, with representation from Israel, Canada and other areas.

Tim Armstrong Memo / June 19
AOL Leadership Team

O&O Content and Monetization
Content: Bill Wilson will continue to lead our growing content efforts, having already done a remarkable job of expanding the reach of our audience and identifying ways for AOL to quickly scale our content and content platforms to delight AOL consumers across the globe. Bill and his team have a well-known and long history of delivering great content and innovative experiences to the millions of consumers we touch everyday.

Monetization: As weve already announced, Jeff Levick will be working with global agencies and advertisers to create brand experiences that take advantage of our premium content and valuable audience. Jeff and his team are working hard to deliver creative solutions as well as analytics that put AOL in a unique value category for our marketing partners. Global Display Platform and Network: In addition, Jeff Levick will be responsible for scaling and rolling out our self-service advertising platform. Jeff and his teams charter is to make our platform the best global display ad technology with world-class products, targeting solutions and a leading global network. From to ADTECH, AOL is in a strong position to execute on this vision.
Local & Mapping: Ive asked John Kannapell, who has overseen AOLs search and local initiatives, to serve as acting head of Local & Mapping. Local is a white space area on the Internet and John has led large cross-functional teams to success at AOL. John is one of the most knowledgeable people in our industry on local, and we will be counting on him to execute our migration into a deeper principal position in local on the Internet.
Communications: We will be opening up a search for a global head of communications. Between AIM/ICQ, e-mail and our SMS services, we are in a strong position to grow our market share and offer partners services that let them stay connected to their base of consumers. We see several short-term opportunities that will require a leader who can span many countries and operational challenges. We will be looking for a diverse and global-minded executive.
Vntures: As we talked about at our All Hands meeting, with AOL Ventures, were creating a new model for internal and external start-up success, and Jon Brod has agreed to lead this breakthrough effort for us. Jon, who comes to AOL via our acquisition of Patch, has more than 15 years experience with media and technology companies and has a valuable entrepreneurial skill-set to help cultivate a high success rate for our Ventures start-ups. Jon has been a senior executive with the NBA, IAC (NSDQ: IACI) and several successful start-ups. He knows the venture space, entrepreneurialism, as well as the operations of Fortune 500 companies.
Executive Staff

Chief Operating Officer: Having proven herself an outstanding operating executive, Kim Partoll will take on the role of COO of AOL. In addition to continuing to expertly manage the Access business and the Business Intelligence group, Kim will focus on the must haves underlying each of the five strategic areas ensuring everything we do is global, mobile, data-specific and cost managed. Kim will oversee Access, Mobile, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Consumer and Brand Marketing and a new centralized Product Experience function, which will make sure all our products consistently meet standards for quality, globalization and platform reach, as well as tap employee innovation through a company-wide internal innovation program.
AOL needs to transition from a U.S. company with international operations to a global company. To start this process, I have asked Kim to lead a Global Operating Council as part of our governance. Phil Nelson will be taking on the role of head of Asia-Pacific, representing our operations across that region, and we are starting a candidate search for a leader to represent our European operations. Israel, Canada and other International areas will also be represented on the council.  In addition to securing the right global leadership, we are currently setting up a schedule of global reviews and operating processes so that non-U.S. regions gain more speed and autonomy in delivering consumer and partner value. We will be holding all regions, including the U.S., accountable to unified technology platforms and product performance.
Chief Technology Officer: Ted Cahall will be our CTO. In just over two years at AOL, Ted has proved himself an extremely capable technology leader, able to both set a vision and strategy for his team and drive execution. For example, Ted was instrumental in the creation of DynaPub, our fast and efficient publishing system, as well as the recent U.S. geo-distribution of AOL Search. Going forward, Ted will be the company leader in making sure everything we offer our consumers and employees is outstanding from a technology perspective.

Chief Financial Officer: As announced on April 30, Nisha Kumar, AOLs CFO, has decided to step down from her role. We are actively looking to fill this position. In the meantime, Nisha is continuing to work with us during this process, and her professionalism and dedication have been instrumental in getting us to where we are now.  We are conducting a global search for a new CFO and have a number of strong candidates. 

General Counsel: Ira Parker will continue as General Counsel. In addition, Iras team will oversee our separation process from Time Warner, working with the leadership teams from across the company. Ira will also continue to oversee corporate development, privacy, and government and industry relations.

Human Resources: Dave Harmon will continue to led our HR efforts, including the very important task of crafting benefits and compensation suited to our new status as an independent company.

Corporate Communications: Tricia Primrose will continue to manage our external public relations efforts, as well as employee communications, with a special focus over the next six months on telling our strategy story leading up to the separation from Time Warner. Tricia also oversees our companys philanthropic efforts.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion: Tiane Mitchell Gordon continues to lead our Office of Diversity and Inclusion. As I mentioned at the All Hands on May 29, diversity is a crucial element to our future success as a global Internet business. Through the leadership of the grassroots Business Resource Groups, there is great evidence of how critical it is that diversity continues be a core element of our DNA as a company.

Business Conduct and Compliance: Kimberly Strong will continue to serve as our Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, upholding our high standards of integrity in everything we do. At the epicenter of all that we do at AOL is an unwavering commitment to integrity and a high standard of ethics by which all AOLers should be defined.
Chief of Staff: Maureen Marquess will officially take on the role she’s been handling since coming to AOL as Chief of Staff, overseeing executive strategy and planning, including our weekly reviews of partners, deals and updates from the executive team. Maureen is also working with legal, finance, HR and communications to coordinate efforts relating to the separation.
Also, I am fortunate to have Shannon Goldberg, a 10-year veteran of AOL, as my Executive Assistant. In addition to overseeing the numerous logistics involved in keeping our plans on track, Shannon is a partner to the entire executive team and our organization in the coordination of our new weekly operating schedule.
Well have plenty more to announce in the weeks ahead including details on how well operate, the metrics well be using to measure progress, our companys global mission so stay tuned

By Staci D. Kramer

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