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Packing All You Need In One Bag

With some airlines charging from $15 to $25 just to check bags these days, carry-ons are the way to go. And that way, you don't have to worry about lost luggage, either.

But how can you travel light enough to fit enough stuff for a whole vacation into one bag?

On The Early Show Wednesday, Conde Nast Traveler Senior Editor Kate Maxwell offered tips.


Some airlines, such as US Airways and Continental, will allow a suitcase that is 51 linear inches, nut most only allow 45 linear inches, and a good rule of thumb is that the Height + Length + Width has to equal 45 inches or less. You can also use a smaller bag for weekend trips. Also, a shoulder bag can fit more than a roll-on, because there's no space wasted on wheels.

You can also carry on a purse or smaller bag that can hold your books, lap top, etc.


Men should try to stick to two pair of shoes and women to three.

Use clothes mainly in the color groups of blues, browns and whites. If you stick to a color scheme, your clothes will be much more versatile, and you can mix-and-match as opposed to taking specific outfits for each day and night.

Jersey and cotton materials are best, because they don't wrinkle and can be really squeezed in a suitcase.

If you're heading somewhere with varying temperatures, layering is the best idea.


Always roll your clothes; it provides much more space.

Bulky items, such as shoes, should go on the bottom.

Maximize your space by placing smaller things in open spaces, such as inside shoes!

Men should wear dinner jackets and anything else really bulky, such as jeans, onto the plane.


One of the main reasons people don't carry on their luggage is because they think they can't possibly fit all their liquids in one plastic bag. But there are ways around it:

Go to your local drug store and buy a bunch of things from the $1 section, because you can get miniature shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes, shaving creams, etc.

Then again, almost every hotel provides shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc. So, there's really no need to pack those.

There are non-liquid versions of the products we travel with that don't have to go in the one bag. These include perfumes, anti-bacterial wipes, nail polish remover, and deodorant.

If there are some things you can't live without, such as your favorite face lotion, you can find little containers everywhere you go now that you can transfer your products into.

To see Maxwell demonstrating her tips, click on the arrow in the image below.