'Over Her Dead Body'

Keeping up with celebrity gossip and rumors, as well as publishing a weekly hit magazine, can be murder. Actually, it is murder in Kate White's latest Bailey Weggins mystery "Over Her Dead Body," set in the offices of Buzz magazine.

White knows the behind-the-scenes magazine world. Besides being an author, she's the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine.

She visits The Early Show to talk about the book, as well as people's fascination with gossip and celebrities.

This is White's fourth novel. Click here to read an excerpt.

White says, "We live in such a rapid-paced world, and the one thing we know is that most of us want to be 'in the know.' One thing we know our reader (at Cosmo) hates is to be the last to know something. We want to be able to get our information fast."

So why do we love celebrity gossip?

White says, "You might not get all you want about your friends. You might feel uncomfortable dishing and trashing people you know. With gossip about celebrities, you can let your evil twin come out without hurting anyone. Gossiping about friends or co-workers might make you feel bad about who you are. Gossiping about people who are already famous is pretty harmless."