Outline Your Work Day with Checkvist

Last Updated Jan 22, 2009 11:00 AM EST

checkvist.JPGIf you're not the CEO yet, it's probably because you're so incredibly disorganized. Or, in Rick's case, ugly. A study I just made up shows that the most productive people in your office use checklists to stay in control of their work day. Checkvist is a free, online organizer that you can use on your own, or in collaboration with co-workers.

Checkvist has all the basic features you need to create checklists and outlines. You can nest items, link notes to specific entries, and mark tasks as complete with a satisfying strikethrough. Checkvist also makes it easy to invite people to collaborate with you on individual checklists. You can create any number of lists, and archive completed ones.

The interface is fairly sparse, but the lack of clutter helps you to focus on building and using your lists -- and there are keyboard shortcuts for everything, so you'll rarely need to reach for the mouse. My only complaint? The name. That V in "Checkvist?" It's an L turned sideways, designed to look like a checkmark.