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Orlando terror attack victim meets Florida police officer who saved his life

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- One of the victims of the Orlando terror attack was reunited with the police officer who saved him, CBS affiliate WKMG-TV reports.

Eatonville Police Officer Omar Delgado visited Angel Colon at Orlando Regional Medical Center on Thursday.

Colon, 26, was in Pulse nightclub when Omar Mateen opened fire, killing 49 people and injuring more than 50 others.

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Colon pretended to be dead thinking he was next when Mateen shot twice at his head but struck his hand and hip instead.

Colon said he spent the night at the club and was saying goodbye to his friends when things changed.

"It was a great night -- smiles and laughter," Colon said.

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Then he heard gunshots.

"I was shot three times in my leg and had fallen down," Colon said. "I got trampled over. All I could do is just lay there as people ran over me."

Colon, whose leg was broken in the shooting, said Delgado had to drag him across shattered glass and across the street to a nearby restaurant before he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Thursday was the first time the two had seen each other since the night of the shooting.

Delgado was joined by Eatonvile Mayor Eddie Cole and Eatonville Police Deputy Chief Joseph Jenkins.

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