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Organize Icons On Your Desktop with Fences

I'm almost neurotically organized. Indeed, if allow my desktop to get messy, my productivity plummets. Stardock has released a free app just for people like me: Fences lets you create organized groups of icons on your desktop, and quickly show or hide them at will.

Truly, the awesomeness of Fences cannot be overstated. To create a group, just drag a rectangle with the right mouse button. You can give your groups names, which is handy for keeping icons and shortcuts arranged by project or job. Want a clean desktop? Just double click the desktop, and all the groups vanish. Double click to get them back. Perhaps there's a group (or even a particular icon, like the Recycle Bin) that you want to permanently appear. No problem; you can exclude it from the double-click "quick hide" maneuver. That means you can keep a clean and uncluttered desktop most of the time, but a collection of logically organized icons are always just a double click away.

Fences is so easy to use and integrates into your Windows desktop so seamlessly that it will become second nature almost immediately. This is the best productivity enhancer I've found since the USB-powered toaster.