OpenTable lets diners pay the bill, catch a ride home

OpenTable is letting diners do more than book a restaurant with its app. They can now use their phones to pay for their meals.

Users who book at participating restaurants can add a credit card in the OpenTable smartphone app before they dine and can then view and pay their check with a few taps.


"They took something that was already kind of successful - you can use OpenTable to book tables at restaurants - and they pivoted that app, and they said, 'OK, now we want you to be able to just pay the bill with the app,'" said Dan Ackerman, senior editor at CNET.

Aside from making the process of dining more streamlined, Ackerman said he thinks paying through the app is actually more secure than the traditional way.

"I think handing someone your card and letting them disappear for five minutes might be a little more troublesome," Ackerman said.

A payment option isn't the only new feature; users can also get a ride to or from their destination with Uber, the driving service now paired with the app.

"Starting today, you will be able to view availability and estimated pricing of Uber vehicles near your home or a restaurant, and tap to request a ride to your destination via Uber -- all within the OpenTable app," wrote Josh Garnier, senior product manager at OpenTable.

The app is joining Dash, Cover and TabbedOut - all of which allow users to pay at restaurants.