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Open Word to the Last Saved Cursor Position

I've always been a bit miffed that Word plops you at the start of a document when you open it. If you're editing a very long document, you literally need to write on a piece of paper where you left off the day before, as if you were a stenographer in Charlemagne's court. Excel, after all, always remembers where you last left your cursor and puts you back there the next time you open the file. Turns out that Word can do that too.

I just discovered that Word actually does remember your last cursor position when you save and close your document, and you can get back there just by pressing Shift+F5. Good grief, I can't believe I've been using Word for 15 years and just found that out today.

Unfortunately, this was a really bad time for me to learn this trick, since it only works with .doc files -- if you recently made the switch to .docx files (like I did), this trick won't work.

But for any traditional .doc files out there, this is the next best thing to making Charlemagne do his own typing. [via ghacks]