One Way to Be Paid for a Job Interview

Interviewing Dog image by My Boy Dodger [cc, 2.0]It's simple. A new star-up known as NotchUp will offer prospective hirees a minimum cash payment of $500 from the employer seeking to hire you. All you have to do is submit your resume and wait for the interview dollars to roll in -- apparently with the best of intentions to work in the position(s) for which you interview.

NotchUp's assumption is that companies generally pay recruiters a %20 commission upon hiring an employee, and they say this is exorbitant. They then claim that employers could save 75% on recruiting costs. The employer benefits (apparently) and so do the interviewees in the form of payment for their valuable time. Some are questioning the privacy concerns of sharing your resume with companies, but NotchUp claims in their FAQ that names and contact information is not shared until the individual decides to interview with a company.

Your thoughts? Do you think NotchUp will soar or tank?

Interviewing Dog image by My Boy Dodger [cc, 2.0]