One Tourism Slogan that is Tough to Top

Last Updated Mar 14, 2008 11:57 AM EDT

Las Vegas slogan image by http2007 [cc, 2.0]Some of the most effective slogans in history took a lot of chutzpah and wit. Alliteration and 30-second television jingles are out. It seems that many of the most recent successes bucked the trend and set a path different from standard practice. What is touted as the most effective tourism slogan in history is testament to that. Before the Las Vegas tourism authority launched their "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" campaign, tourism was falling at about 5% annually.

By 2007, the advertisement had become iconic, and widely credited with record visitor numbers. It led to four consecutive years of growth in Vegas visitation. Though the ads came at a cost -- the tourism authority paid R&R Partners nearly $325 million linking the city with the slogan -- the investment ultimately paid off. With success of the phrase came copycats, and the phrase was swiped by everything from cafepress start-ups to manufacturers of racy underwear, and the Las Vegas tourism authority recently battled in federal court to uphold their claim to the slogan. It turns out the slogan is now theirs to claim, and it joins Nike's "Just Do It," and EA Sports "It's in the Game," as some of the more recognizable quips in advertising history.

Las Vegas slogan image by http2007 [cc, 2.0]