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One person unaccounted for after sinkhole opens in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio official says a 60-year-old man has been rescued after two cars were submerged inside a sinkhole created when a large sewer line ruptured.

San Antonio Fire Battalion Chief Brian O’Neil tells the Express-News that a woman sustained minor injuries when she rescued the man who was driving in standing water before entering the sinkhole Sunday night.

O’Neil says the man and woman were taken to the hospital and are “in good shape.” 

CBS San Antonio affiliate KENS reports that firefighters said in the chaos of the scene, a second man was unaccounted for. 

“We know for sure that there is a body in one of those vehicles,” said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood.

Officials were trying to figure out a way to stop the flow of the sewer line to allow emergency crews to get through. The San Antonio Water System reports that there had been four other sewer spill overflows on Sunday.

Chief Hood said that a 100-ton crane was being taken to the scene to remove both vehicles from the sinkhole Monday afternoon. 

Chief Hood said that until the body was recovered from the vehicle, he would not speculate on who was in it.