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One in Three Suffers from Social Media Remorse

Facebook has faced a firestorm over privacy lately with tech pundits urging users to delete their accounts, and even some backlash against the backlash arguing privacy fears are overblown or quitting is counterproductive. So are we all get wound up over nothing? Online electrons merchants Retrevo didn't settle for anecdotal evidence to answer the question (via OPEN forum). They asked more than 1,000 Americans about their experiences with social media and found that if you've posted something you later regretted to a social media site, you're far from alone.

"Given the urgency and frequency with which people are expected to share, it's no wonder some postings might later be regretted," commented Manish Rathi, Retrevo co-founder, but just how common is social media remorse?

  • 32 percent of social media users say they've posted something online they regretted.
  • Of that percentage, three percent say it ruined their marriage or relationship with someone.
  • 59 percent of iPhone users have posted something online they regretted.
  • 54 percent of people under 25 years old have posted something online they regretted, but only 27 percent of people over age 25 have posted something online they regretted.
What can we take away from these numbers? One social media remorse seems to be a real problem not a trumped up issue for tech bloggers to get some mileage out of and also young people and iPhone users beware â€"- you are at higher risk of posting something you'll later regret. And of course, the poll only covers misuse of your private information by you, leaving open the whole question of other people doing unpleasant things with your data.

Have you ever suffered from social media remorse?

(Privacy image by opensourceway, CC 2.0)