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One Group's Worst CEOs for 2008

New Year's Eve always is time for lists -- best and worst. Since business has been so much in the news, here is one organization's list of the worst CEOs of 2008.

These are the picks of Co-op America, a progressive group that advocates conomic growth through "green" and environmentally sound strategies. The grinches include:

  • Charles Prince, former CEO of Citigroup. He is blamed for setting up Citigroup's massive woes by pursuing risky strategies and trying to loosen regulations.
  • John J. Harris, chairman and CEO of Nestle Waters. He threatened to sue Miami-Dade County in Florida after local officials aired ads saying that public water was as clean as bottled water which his firm supplies.
  • Bruce Williamson, CEO, Dynergy. Despite saying that very little power plant building can be economically justified, his firm operates 31 coal-fired generating stations across the country and plans six new ones.
  • Rick Wagoner. chairman and CEO of General Motors. He traveled by corporate jet to beg for a public bailoput before Congress. Turned down, he showed up again in a hybrid car.
Your picks?
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