On Monday, Press Restart

Richard Pachter, the business book reviewer at the Miami Herald, looks at two books with Monday in the title, in a review headlined On Monday Mornings, Become All You'd Hoped You'd Be.
The books are Monday Morning Choices: 12 Powerful Ways to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary, by David Cottrell
and No More Mondays: Fire Yourself -- and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling at Work, by Dan Miller.

Pachter gives them both a thumbs up. He says Monday Morning Choices rises above the slobbery sameness of most business self-help books and frames choices of character, action and investment in ways that show how to make ethical decisions in all arenas. Pachter's thumbnail:

There's nothing especially new or earthshaking here, but Cottrell has a wise and light touch, employs language well and keeps everything simple and meaningful without preaching or proselytizing.
Miller, meanwhile, believes most people who work for companies have traded their freedom and happiness for security. He wants them (I'm already freelance, thank you) to stop. Pachter says of him:
...for folks who need a bit of humor, folksy wisdom and gentle encouragement, Miller has plenty of stories, tips, observations and cartoons to convey his ideas in a pleasant, unthreatening and possibly empowering manner.
Has anyone read these books? Is this review on target? Please comment.