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On Her Majesty's Blogging Service

mini-cooper-union-jack-metal-sign.jpgThis weekend we added a new blog to BNET Insight, Sterling Performance. This new resource will provide incisive news and commentary on business issues affecting management and leadership in the United Kingdom.

Sterling Performance aims to be a veritable MI6 of business, connecting the big corporate stories â€" such as the BA's T5 debacle â€" with those hard-to-come-by items of interest, all with an emphasis on helping U.K. managers and their companies stay competitive and be more successful. Although written by Brits, for Brits, Sterling Performance will provide essential intelligence â€" British intelligence, if you will â€" for anyone wanting to do business in the U.K.

In addition to helping people do business better in Olde Blighty, we also promise to always spell "colour" with a proper "u," occasionally reference taste treats like bubble & squeak and spotted dick, and always pack a brolly in our kit.