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Ohio Voters: Obama Needs More Details on Jobs Plan

In Elyria, Ohio, citizens spanning the political spectrum said they were encouraged President Obama emphasized job creation in his State of the Union address, but they said he did not go far enough.

"He's in tune with the American people and what we want and what we need," Mark Craig, an Independent from Elyria, told Katie Couric on's post-State of the Union Webcast. However, he added, "As far as the job creation, he needs to take a more active role and not just pass [it] off."

Ohio is in desperate need of more jobs, said Democrat and small business owner Doris Young. President Obama last week traveled to Elyria to talk about the economy.

"I think that there should've been more details in outlining his plan for creating jobs," Young said with respect to the State of the Union.

Ray Noble, a Republican, said he has a handful of friends who have had to sell their businesses because of the economy. He said he was "frustrated and disgusted" with Mr. Obama's speech because "when he first took office he said that there's going to be some change, but there's been no change."

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