Octuplets Mom Said To Nix Free Care Offer

Early Show - Octuplets Update - Jan. 29, 2009
The mother of the octuplets born a month ago has rejected a group's offer to care for all 14 of her children round-the-clock, for free, and in one home, according to the attorney representing the group.

"She did not accept our offer," Gloria Allred told co-anchor Harry Smith on The Early Show Friday. " ... There would have been no burden on the taxpayers. Instead now, it may be that the taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill for all of this."

Angels in Waiting was estimating that such care would cost $130,000 a month.

Angels in Waiting, Allred told Smith, has "wonderful pediatric intensive care nurses who are very experienced in dealing with medically fragile, at-risk infants. They would have provided 24/7 care, along with developmental specialists, early intervention professionals, and wraparound services for an individualized care for all of these babies."

Allred filed a complaint with the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services, asking that it look into whether, as Allred put it, "the babies would be endangered if they were in the care and custody of Nadya."

Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman points out that Suleman "reportedly told TV's Dr. Phil McGraw she's worried about custody. Dr. Phil told the Los Angeles Times, 'unless and until she has a better living arrangement, they are not likely to release the children to her.'

"Kaiser Permanente wouldn't confirm that," Kauffman continued, "but, on Thursday, they did provide an update on the octuplets' health." According to the statement, all are off intravenous feeding and breathing fine.