Obama's Final Four Picks


From CBS News' John Bentley

CHARLESTON, W.V. – Basketball fans across the country are ditching work and gearing up for March Madness, and Barack Obama is no exception. While he's still maintaining his campaign schedule, Obama filled out a bracket and paid $10 to get into a pool with his traveling staff. Do his picks for the Final Four show an in-depth knowledge of the college game, or are they politically savvy? You be the judge:

Click here to see Obama's entire NCAA tournament bracket.

University of North Carolina – a safe pick, since they're a number one seed and have loads of tournament experience. And it probably doesn't hurt that North Carolina has its primary coming up on May 6th.

Kansas University – another number one seed, but have had trouble in the tournament. Perhaps a sentimental pick, as Obama's grandparents hail from Kansas.

UCLA – yet another top seed. He could've gone with Duke out of this region, to satisfy both Tar Heel and Blue Devil fans in North Carolina. We'll see if there are political consequences.

Pittsburgh University – the big surprise of the group. A number four seed, but the Panthers are a scrappy team. And of course, the second largest city in the crucially important state of Pennsylvania, whose residents go to the polls on April 22nd.

And in case you're wondering – Obama has UNC beating UCLA in the finals.