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Obama's 100 Days And The Stock Market

A few hours after President Obama took office on January 20, the Dow closed down 332 points to close at 7949.09. Remarkably, yesterday the Dow closed very close to that number at 8016.95.

In between however, as we all know, the market saw an even deeper dip in the midst of this recession. The low was on March 9th when the market closed at 6547.05. As we noted then, that was leading into Mr. Obama's 50th day in office -- an 18 percent dip since he took office.

The high for Mr. Obama's presidency so far was 8375.45, which occurred a few days after he took office on January 28th.

The graph below shows the ups and downs of the market over the past 100 days. You can also see more detailed information here at CBS'


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