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Obama Will Boost Our Spirits, If Nothing Else

Forecaster Mark Andersen says we won't be so depressed next year, no matter what happens to the economy.

"In 2009, our psychology will improve, even if our circumstances will get worse," Anderson said.A tip of hat to Linda Tischler of Fast Company's "Design of the Times" blog. Tischler cited Anderson, head of the Strategic News Service, as saying that after eight years of the Bush Administration bombarding us with relentless messages of fear, it was no surprise that we're in a funk. "If you did this to a dog, you'd get arrested," he said.

Tischler also listed Anderson's 10 predictions for 2009, some of which we might be able to afford despite the recession:

  1. It will be a big year for applications that can play on big screens.
  2. Similarly, the big news in the mobile world won't be a slicker, newer cellphone -- it will be smart phone applications.
  3. The blush is off the China rose.
  4. 2009 will be the year when flash-based computing will really take off.
  5. This will also be the year that wall computing gets traction.
  6. Carry-along computers will be hot.
  7. Led by Europe, LTE (Long Term Evolution) will be the preferred technology for 4G.
  8. Not to be left behind, the less developed world will finally see widespread availability of broadband.
  9. After years of failed promises, voice recognition will finally work right.
  10. The Internet Assistant will be born.

See his reasons for each here.

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