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Obama: Watching Michelle's Speech Was "Nerve-Wracking"

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(KANSAS CITY, MO.) Although the pressure was on Michelle Obama last night, Barack Obama was a ball of nerves as he watched his wife's speech.

"It's nerve-wracking," he said as he sat on the sofa of at the home of Jim and Alicia Girardeau.

Obama seemed relaxed during his brother-in-law Craig Robinson's speech, even smiling and laughing at times. But when his wife took the stage, Obama became stoic, listening intently to her every word. He didn't show a lot of emotion, although he later told reporters that it was an emotional evening.

After the speech, as his daughters joined Michelle on stage, Obama perked up and exclaimed, "It's the peas!"

He seemed to be taken a back by his younger daughter, Sasha, who took the microphone to talk to her father. "Hi Daddy!," she called out, "Hi Girardeau Family… Daddy, where are you?!" Realizing that his wife and daughters had clearly taken the spotlight, Obama abandoned his script and laughed.

When the evening came to a close, Obama proclaimed that his wife was fantastic, adding, "I'm not surprised. When she does something, she does it well."

"She told her story and that's it," he said, "It's a story a lot of families can relate to. You know, her Dad struggled and worked hard."