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Obama Treats Kids, Self With Icy Desserts

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(HONOLULU) - Barack Obama played Mr. Mom yesterday, when he took at least ten children, including his two daughters, for shaved ice, a popular Hawaiian dessert.

Surrounded by kids, Obama asked them one by one what flavor they wanted, but restricted their order to the keiki (children's size) since it was close to dinner. He said he didn't want to get them in trouble.

"I'm 10, Dad," daughter, Malia, pleaded after she noticed that the keiki size was for kids 8 and under.

After ordering various flavors for the children, Obama chose to get a cone for himself but he had problems making a decision.

"Oh this is so hard," he said as a small crowd and reporters looked on. He opted for an exotic flavored, tri-colored cone of Guava Orange, Lanikai Lime, and Choo Choo Cherry.

Obama and the entourage of children enjoyed their cones at a nearby park bench, where high school classmate Bobby Titcomb told his old friend the cones "tasted like old times."

Earlier in the day, Obama took his daughters to Punchbowl National Cemetery, where his grandfather, Stanley Dunham, is buried. Dunham, who passed away in 1992, was a World War II veteran. He moved his family from Kansas to Hawaii after the war, where Obama was later born and raised.

Obama kicked off his day with a marathon golf game consisting of 18 holes which took him almost 7 hours to play.