Obama Girls : How They Spent The Summer

Malia and Sasha Obama are not having your typical summer vacation.

While many kids their ages are away at camp, the famous first daughters are at the self-styled "Camp Obama."

"Camp Obama," so dubbed by first lady Michelle Obama, consists of globetrotting around the world. CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante reports that it has included visits to France, Italy, Russia and countries in Africa, as well as stops at several U.S. destinations, including the Grand Canyon.

Nia-Malika Henderson, White House reporter for Politico, said, "Michelle Obama in crafting this Camp Obama is really mindful of exposing girls to things they hadn't seen."

Plante reported it's not uncommon for presidents to bring their children along on trips. The Bush daughters toured Europe alone or with Laura Bush, and Chelsea Clinton traveled with Hillary Clinton on numerous trips.

However, as Doug Wead, a presidential historian pointed out, "This is the first time in recent memory where (children) travel as a family with the father...This is a great opportunity to see some places, and learn some things. I would say this is a family that likes to be together."

Obama has told CBS News he's mindful that the pressures of the presidency not get in the way of his time with his daughters.

But, is travel inappropriate in a time of recession? CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric asked the president.

Obama said, "'Do I think the American people think that because of those hardships I shouldn't spend a little time with my daughters?' I don't think that's what the American people think about it."

Plante said the Obamas see "Camp Obama" as an unmatched learning experience for their daughters. And the White House pointed out the Obamas are paying all of Malia and Sasha's travel costs.

And Plante adds,"Camp Obama" continues next week in Martha's Vineyard.