Obama camp touts early vote, Romney camp touts enthusiasm


(CBS News) Both campaigns are publicly expressing confidence on Election Day, but each point to a different set of data to prove why their candidate is going to come out on top.

Obama senior campaign adviser David Axelrod said the early vote numbers give them assurance that the outcome is going to be good for President Obama. "[W]e go in with a great advantage," Axelrod said on "CBS This Morning."

Now that early voting is over, Axelrod said Tuesday's turnout is going to be key. "It's time to turn out that vote, and that's what this election is going to be about."

Romney campaign adviser Kevin Madden said Republican enthusiasm, which will lead to high voter turnout, on Election Day will trump Democrats' early vote advantage. "Enthusiasm is really what's going to make the difference tonight," he said.

"Our high propensity voters tend to come out on Election Day so we feel very strongly that's going to be an important difference in winning," Madden added.

Kevin Madden: PA is a "tremendous opportunity" for Romney

Madden also defended Romney's Election Day stop in Pennsylvania, a state he hasn't campaigned in until this week.

"We're very confident it could actually be part of our electoral coalition,"Madden said, adding that Romney hasn't campaign there previously because "you have to go when it matters." He said the polls have been tightening in Pennsylvania and the campaign saw a "tremendous opportunity" to win the state.

Axelrod said the president is going to do just as well among white voters as he did in 2008 when he received 43 percent of white voters. "He's going to do very well with that vote tonight," Axelrod said.

He noted that the president will also do well among minority voters because "the president reflects the country itself." He said the Republicans, however, "are paying a price" for not doing a better job reaching out to women and minority voters.

Madden admits that the Republican Party "[hasn't] don't a perfect job" reaching out to minority voters and they are always looking for ways to "perfect" their message to those voters likely to overwhelmingly vote Democrat.