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As the economy continues to show signs of growth, with 227,000 jobs added last month and the unemployment rate at 8.3%, many say the economic strength mirrors the President's re-election chances. As the economy grows, so does the chance of a second term. But high gas prices and a growing threat of military action in Iran, coupled with a still tenuous European economic recovery, could bring unknown problems into the picture.

However, the Obama campaign isn't sitting back waiting for world events to shape their path.

The campaign is out front --steadily boosting the accomplishments of the first Obama term. The President and Vice President Biden are out on the campaign trail, raising money and rallying supporters, and the campaign next week will unveil a 17 minute documentary highlighting the Presidents' record so far. "The Road We've Traveled" is narrated by the actor Tom Hanks and was produced by the Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar winning director of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" film about climate change.

They are also busy setting up campaign offices, starting voter outreach, and rallying the loyal supporters, many of them younger voters.

"If you want to finish the journey, you have an obligation to go it one more time," said Robert Gibbs, the former White House Press Secretary and current advisor to the Obama Campaign, to a rally of Wisconsin college students this week, according to the Wisconsin Isthmus newspaper.

But perhaps, most publicly, the campaign has entered the fray on the Republican side, constantly attacking delegate leader Mitt Romney.

In a conference call with reporters this week, top officials of the campaign hit Romney for turning off independent and middle class voters as he's veered to the right side of his party to sway crucial base conservative voter who have been leery of the former Massachusetts Governor's more moderate record.

Even as Romney leads in delegates, with 391 according CBS News estimates, and has won most big primary contests, the Obama campaign aims to hit Romney's weakness as a candidate saying he is "limping across the finish line"

Can the Obama campaign rebuild its 2008 coalition to sweep the President to a second term? Will a down turn in the economy or world events change the outlook? Can the President beat back the attacks that the economy would be better without his leadership? What will it take to the presumed Republican front runner Mitt Romney in the fall? Those will be among the issues as Obama Campaign adviser Robert Gibbs joins Bob Schieffer to Face the Nation.

Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich, Robert Gibbs will join Robert Gibbs and CBS News's Chief White House Correspondent Norah O'Donnell and Political Director John Dickerson this Sunday on Face the Nation.

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