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NYPD Releases "Friendly Fire" Training Video

NYPD friendly fire training video as seen on the New York Daily News.

NEW YORK (CBS) In the wake of a deadly friendly fire incident, in which a white cop accidentally shot a black officer, the New York City Police Department has released the training video they use to prevent this type of tragedy.

Clearly, in this case it didn't work. The New York Daily News reports that the video is now required viewing for all cops at roll call and that the department plans to update it.

On May 28, Omar Edwards was accidentally gunned down by Officer Andrew Dunton in East Harlem. Edwards, in plain clothes with gun drawn, was chasing after a man who he suspected had robbed his car. Dunton shot him in the leg and chest, fatally.

Since the incident, there has been a tremendous outcry of support for both Edwards and the officer who mistakenly shot him.

Tuesday, Edward's widow, Danielle Edwards, and hundreds of supporters mourned the downed officer at his wake, according to the New York Daily News.

White Cop Shoots Black Cop In Tragic Mistake

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