NYC school bus driver, Juan DelValle, dies after alleged road rage beating

DelValle's school bus after the accident.
NYC school bus driven by Juan DelValle, after the June 11 accident in the Bronx that apparently led to his fatal beating by an enraged car owner.
CBS New York

(CBS/CBSNY) BRONX, NY - Juan DelValle, a Bronx school bus driver who was the victim of an apparent road rage beating, was taken off life support and died on Friday, CBS New York reported.

DelValle, 65, had been in a coma since the June 11 incident, when his bus had accidently sideswiped a parked car, allegedly sending the car owner into a fury. 

The owner, an ex-con named Joey Scott, allegedly punched DelValle, knocking him off his feet. The victim can be seen hitting his head on the pavement on the security footage, CBS New York reported.

Scott, 30, was arrested shortly after the incident.  He could face an upgraded charge of murder, if the Bronx District Attorney chooses to go that route.

DelValle's sister, Carmen Perez, told the station his head "came back and hit the other way, so the damage [was] all over."

Brain damage led his family to take DelValle off life support.

The bus driver was in his last few days of work, as he'd planned to retire from his route at the end of the school year.