Nurse suspected of murdering dozens of infants denied parole

Genene Jones

CBS News

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Genene Jones, a former pediatric nurse convicted of murdering a baby in her care, has been denied parole, reports CBS affiliate KHOU.

Jones was sentenced in 1985 to 99 years in prison for murdering a 15-month-old girl by intentionally injecting her with a paralytic drug during a routine doctor's visit. She was later convicted of attempted homicide in a separate case, and sentenced to a concurrent 60-year term, according to KHOU.

Prosecutors reportedly believe Jones may be responsible for the deaths of more than 40 infants in the 1970s and '80s at hospitals where she worked in Kerrville and San Antonio.

But under mandatory release laws designed to relieve prison overcrowding in the 1980's, Jones might be released from prison in 2018, according to the station. The law has long since been revised, but it still applies to criminals convicted in that era. The only way to keep Jones behind bars is to secure a new conviction against her.

Reed said that Jones' case will not be reviewed by the parole board again before 2018.