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Now you can put your personal library on your Kindle

Got a special volume that could never be replaced by an ebook? Amazon is now offering a way for you to convert it to a file you can read on your Kindle.

Kindle Covert is software for a PC that lets you view scanned pages on your reader, with all the device's bells and whistles, such as adjusting print size, highlighting, dictionary and cloud backup.

Are you going to go scan your entire paperback library page by page? Probably not. But for out of print editions, books with photos, handwritten notes or a special inscription, or other documents you can't simply buy and download, it seems like a pretty useful way to digitize your archive.

The PC software costs $49 (though it was listed at press time on Amazon for $19), and can convert jpegs, tiffs or pdfs for use on Kindle as well as the Kindle apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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