Not Everybody Cheats in Washington, Bidens Say

With stories like the fallout from former presidential candidate John Edwards' affair dominating headlings, the news of a Washington politician having an extramarital affair can sometimes seen commonplace. But Vice President Joe Biden and his wife say a successful marriage is possible in Washington with some work.

"Once you think your career is more important than your marriage then it leads you [down] a path," Joe Biden said on ABC's "Good Morning America." "Because if your career's that important, then ... it's just trouble."

Biden has been married to his wife Jill for nearly 35 years.

"People say, you know, 'Oh, everybody cheats in Washington,' and that's not the truth," Jill Biden said. "You have to have a strong marriage to survive it."

"I think this lifestyle is too tough not to really stick together," she added. "It's just the ones that are, you know, so newsworthy that sort of get blown out of proportion."

Jill Biden pointed to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as another example of a strong marriage in Washington.