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No More Forgotten Attachments in Outlook

attachment-detect.jpgIt's easy to snicker at the dimwits in the office that have to send a message twice because they forgot to include the promised attachment the first time... right until the moment you're the dimwit in question. Wouldn't it be great if your mail client would warn you before you made a fool of yourself?

Well it can, of course. A while back, we told you about how, if you use Gmail, you can turn on the Forgotten Attachment Detector to detect e-mails that make empty promises about attachments.

This time around, I've got some attachment love for Outlook users. Mark Bird has written a macro for Outlook that warns you when you fail to add an attachment to an e-mail that says "attach," "attachment," or the like. And don't worry: Even if you think that a macro is some sort of coconut-infused cookie, it should only take you about 20 seconds to get this up and running thanks to the simple instructions.

I do have a complaint, though: Neither of these add-ins recognize my personal shorthand for attachment -- "atch" -- so I'm not quite immune to missing attachment dimwittedness. But it's a start.

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