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No End To Serb Aggression

There is no sign Slobodan Milosevic is backing down in the face of NATO attacks.

National Security Advisor Sandy Berger acknowledged the Serb assault on Kosovo has intensified, reports CBS News Correspondent Scott Pelley.

"There have been some further burning of villages, further sweep operations, some shelling into Albania," Berger said. "That's obviously very disturbing to us."

When asked whether Milosevic's assault on Kosovo has accelerated because of the NATO air strikes, Berger responded "I think it has increased somewhat over the past day."

Thursday night, a senior official said it may take days of bombing to stop the Serbian sweep of Kosovo.

President Clinton personally reviewed the targets for Thursday's raids on Kosovo. At the end of the briefing he told his generals "that looks good." Three hours later bombs were falling.

After the president's address Wednesdayt night, polls showed public support for the bombing was thin. The challenge of educating and selling the public was evident on Mr. Clinton's face after he was off the air, Pelley reports.

Mr. Clinton made the pitch again today and said support will grow.

"I believe that a majority of them will support what we are trying to do here," he said. "I also believe strongly that it is my responsibility to make this judgment, based on what I think is in the long term interest of the American people."