NNN Launches "Small Business Rules" Program

What better time for launching new media ventures than during the midst of a prolonged recession? After all, with the evaporation of so many traditional jobs in media, there is plenty of talent around to try out new concepts. And who knows -- some of them might just click.

That's what Next New Networks (NNN) is hoping for as it launches a new online TV series called "Small Business Rules" (SBR), hosted by Lindsay Campbell.
Campbell was previously the host of the daily online satire Wallstrip. NNN provides original video content for a network of destinations across the Internet.

The first episode of SBR profiles a successful small company called Thrillist, based in New York, which is a daily e-newsletter for men that provide tips about everything from how to find cool new restaurants; to the benefits of using non-H2O ice cubes (they don't dilute your drink); to better understanding the influence over your relationship that may be exercised by your girlfriend's best girlfriend.

A male version of Daily Candy?

Thrillist goes to more than three-quarters of a million men in major media markets and has attracted big sponsors like JetBlue and Anheuser-Busch. In her segment, after interviewing the company's execs, Campbell spells out a few simple "rules" behind the company's success, including its unique editorial voice, and the excellent fit between its advertisers and its audience.

With so many new ventures joining the media industry these days, NNN and others clearly sense a market for content geared to younger execs about how to start and run new businesses. SBR itself, for example, is part of the Open Forum service of American Express, which is designed to provide practical business support and other services to small business owners.

Because of the partnership with AmEx, SBR will not contain embedded advertising, unlike most other NNN programming.

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