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Ninja turtle (who may be a teenager) climbs fence

(CBS) - If you were to tell me, mere hours ago, that it was possible for a turtle to climb a fence, I would have said, "No, sir. Surely you jest. Isn't that why we build fences in the first place? To keep out pernicious turtles?"

And yet, here we are. Go, turtle, go!

This is definitely Chariots of Fire worthy. That snapping turtle is trying so hard to get to the pond. It's at the top, it can taste victory, it's going over... Oh, and it all comes crashing down! It's okay, turtle, you're still a winner (the person filming reveals in the YouTube description that eventually the turtle made it over.)

Though this clip does raise a few questions. Why didn't the cameraman help the turtle over? Do enough people know about the incredible climbing abilities of turtles? Why is that fence there in the first place? Is it just a turtle fence?

That reminds me of another clip about turtles. (This one featuring the lovely and talented CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes.)

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