Nina Koistinen arrested for allegedly suffocating her newborn daughter, Ariz. report says

Nina Koistinen
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Nina Koistinen
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

(CBS) PHOENIX, Ariz. - Authorities in Phoenix have taken a 36-year-old woman into custody on suspicion of suffocating her 6-day-old baby, reports CBS affiliate KPHO.

According to authorities, the father of the child, Bradley Koistinen, reportedly came home and found the newborn's body in the bed next to her mother on April 8.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson reportedly said "nothing seemed out of the ordinary," adding, "The information the officers received initially was that the mother had taken some medication and had fallen asleep."

Authorities said an autopsy found signs of possible suffocation and a review of past Child Protective Services case reportedly revealed that the newborn's death may not be an accident.

Nina Koistinen allegedly made statements in the past about wanting to smother some of her children. KPHO reports that the mother admitted to police that she purposely suffocated the baby, saying she had too many children and was jealous of the attention her husband was giving the newborn.

Bradley Koistenen made a court appearance on Friday, making an emotional plea.

"Nina suffers from bipolar, schizophrenia and depression," he said. "And we have tried for years and years to manage it. She has been the greatest mother. We've been married 15 years. To our kids, never once has she hurt any of our kids. I see her deteriorating the last two days - her mental state. I don't know if her medication is right."

The woman is being held under a $1,000,000 bond in Phoenix.