N.H. woman fights off robber with walker


(CBS) MANCHESTER- Candace Neal, a 50 year old woman recovering from foot surgery, fought off a knife-wielding robber using her walker to protect herself, UnionLeader.com reports.

Neal told Unionleader.com that she used the legs of her walker to poke and strike the man, who barged into her unlocked apartment on Sunday afternoon. Despite Neal's efforts, the intruder was able to steal her purse which contained cash and prescription painkillers that she had recently filled.

Manchester police are asking for tips from the public to help solve the case which comes only a week after Police Chief David Mara blamed the majority of crime in the city on prescription drugs.

Neal became disabled about a year ago back problems. She said she has worked a variety of jobs including deputy sheriff and a corrections officer, which is where she said she learned how to fight back.